Secrets Of Creating Wealth Fast In Network Marketing

Secrets Of Creating Wealth Fast

Why are so many disciplined, focused, formally educated professionals who were never taught the secrets of creating wealth fast?

Are they really secrets or have they just been kept from the general public.

People who work as employees are the most heavily taxed of them all.

The more money you make, the more of your working income is taxed.

How does anyone expect to become wealthy off of working within the wage system?

The truth is most will not as compared to the profit system that yields people who have let go of formalized knowledge and taken hold of seeking out other revenue streams that pay you without you having to be present somewhere.

Network marketing businesses that involve looking and feeling better are set to become a part of the next trillion dollar business model.

Wage vs Profit System

The secrets of creating wealth that most working professionals have not been taught, lies within thought and vibrations within the body.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, discusses heavily the idea of how thoughts create out reality in numerous books he wrote decades ago.

These same ‘secrets’ are true to this day, the world is just not paying enough attention or directing their thoughts to what they truly desire.

Hill states that our thoughts, like Newton’s Law of Motion, continue in motion until acted upon by an outside force.

The problem is these very same outside forces are people’s opinions, parents and friends that sometimes sway us from what we truly want.

How many people do you know that have termed network marketing as a scam or ‘pyramid scheme’?

These folks are sadly, ignorant and uneducated as it pertains to their overall knowledge of network marketing.

People will willfully not accept a negative return on investment with their money but gladly accept it with their time as long as they get a steady paycheck in return.

A 5 for 2 trade is a negative 60% return on investment. We work 5 days for 2 days of freedom. That is not leverage – MJ Demarco, author of the Millionaire Fastlane

He states that our thoughts create our reality when we make our goals of wealth or whatever we aspire to urgent, and we back them with a plan of action in order to see them through.

Bob Proctor, a long-time disciple of Hill’s and author of The Secret states,

Trading time for money is the absolute worst way to obtain it

What I found in network marketing, as a home based distributor, is that income can be generated residually.

This is income that is coming in week in, week out, month in, month out without me being present,

Why was this never been taught?

It was the late great, Jim Rohn, who stated,

Formalized education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune

Bob Proctor states that most people are not thinking.

This may sound harsh but it doesn’t take much effort to listen to the conversations of your fellow co-workers or hearing the gossip people pay attention to, to realize this is true.

The beauty of network marketing is you can still work your full time job and part-time on your fortune.

Can you go from $30,000 a year in your job to $150,000 the next?


You can with network marketing yet most people do not realize this nor have they ever been taught.

They are, what Bob Proctor states, unaware of how to do it.

Environment And Its Power Over Us

I wasn’t raised by entrepreneurs.

In fact, my entire family are all employees.

My father, whom I have a great deal of respect for, is a retired Army Soldier, who served 21 years in uniform and is about to retire again from Sam’s Club.

He has worked hard for money all is his life but money never worked for him.

This is where self-education is vital if we are going to live wealthy and own complete leverage of our time.

Trading time for money working as a wage slave is counterproductive in that our pay is tied to our time.

If we are not present at work, we are not getting paid.

The problem is we have listened to what our school system, parents, friends and co-workers have told us.

It isn’t that people do not have the capacity to think, they do but we all, at some time in our lives, have allowed outside influences dictate how we are going to earn income.

The rich do not work for money. I do not need a paycheck – Robert Kiyosaki

Normality and conformity is everywhere.

People are stuck in traffic, accepting jobs they have zero passion for because they are relying on a paycheck.

They simply are not aware that in network marketing or other entrepreneurial pursuits can dramatically impact their financial future.

The reality is the safety and security of a well-paying job is no longer as safe and secure as it once was.

I have seen people laid off and in the past three years have seen government ‘shut downs’.

The Reality Of Money

The secrets of creating wealth is investing in more assets and getting away from liabilities.

Credit cards, college loans and mortgages are liabilities, they take money from our pockets.

Assets, like joining a network marketing companies that are in the health and wellness niche, answers the needs of millions of people, is an excellent example of an asset generating business.

Few people realize that in 1943 the US Government started taxing our income and in 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was created.

In addition, in 1971 President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, thus making our money no longer real money but currency and since that time, it has been backed by jack squat.

The earning power of the dollar has since declined ever since to what it once was.

Real money is gold and silver, has been for over 5000 years.

So, what are the secrets of creating wealth?

Shift Your Paradigm

Seek out self-knowledge.

The profit system is quite different than the wage system the majority of the working world is still following.

I do not think of it is as a down or up economy. I create my own economy – Bob Proctor, entrepreneur

There is a documentary film Eric Worre, a 28-year network marketing professional, created called Rise of The Entrepreneur, which depicts this massive solution to the employee life.

The ability to earn income while are sleeping is one of the secrets of creating wealth fast our school system is not teaching our students.

You and I both have the power to create our own wealth but it takes shifting our habits and part of that is deciding to no longer follow the path of the sea of masses around us doing the same thing.

We no longer live in the Industrial Age yet it saddens me that so many people are still following old rules.

Closing Remarks

So what must be done to break free from the wage system and enter into the profit system.

Get involved with network marketing industry.

No other business model has made more millionaires then network marketing.

The secrets of creating wealth are right in front of you.

In fact, you are already involved in network marketing, you simply are not getting paid for it.

Have you ever went to watch a movie and it turned out that it was great so you went and told your friends and family about it and they, in turn, went and watched it?

That is network marketing.

It is simply you telling your story and sharing with other products or services that you are passionate about and teaching others to do the same.

Your residual income generation goes up as your team grows and the beauty is your income continues to residually accrue for you having done work once.

Was this taught to you?

The health and wellness industry is set to become the next trillion dollar business and there are network marketing companies searching for home based distributors who want to become financially independent and live healthier lives.

I encourage you to visit to learn more about this outstanding opportunity.

Network Marketing – Keep It Simple

1. Most Network Marketers have a great support system with tools to help you grow your business and to learn about your product or service. Why is it then that so many try to re-invent the wheel? Why, when so many of these companies have been around for such a long time, do we think we know better, yet this could be your first venture into working for yourself? The tools are there to keep it Simple and Duplicable. Network Marketing will not work if you don’t duplicate… Duplicate.

2. Belief is critical in your Network Marketing business. Belief in your company, belief in you, belief in your product or service, belief in your compensation plan and belief in Network Marketing. If you are not 100% in all of these areas, you are seriously holding yourself back. Rate yourself in each area on a scale of 1-10 and if you’re not yet a 10 in a particular area, ask yourself why and work on becoming a 10… Believe.

3. You do NOT have to be a brilliant sales person or have Network Marketing industry background to succeed in Network Marketing. You simply need an open mind. So many people who have zero experience in Network Marketing are an enormous success… Be Open.

4. Let’s look at franchises for a moment. Why have they been so successful? Why have so many jumped on the franchise bandwagon? It’s simple, there is a proven system in place for them to follow to achieve success. Why wouldn’t a new McDonald’s franchisee follow the proven road map to millions? Well now, Network Marketing is Exactly the same as a franchise! (Less the financial commitment to purchase one). Think about it… we have a product or service, we have proven tracks to run on, thousands upon thousands have become millionaires! Run on the tracks you’ve been given and hey, you might even want to change tracks! There really is a Network Marketing Company out there for everyone to choose what really resonates with you. It’s taken me 20 years to find my perfect fit and guess what? My perfect fit in Health & Wellness is where I’ve had the most amazing success. Don’t just try one company, if you are not feeling it’s the right fit, have a look around for a company that has a fit that interests you… Run on Proven Tracks.

5. In saying that there are a few important features to look for in finding a successful Network Marketing company. You really want at least a 10 year track record and no, the longest running company is not necessarily the best! You want the company to have continued growth in their “home” region. It’s great that some companies are expanding globally, however if their “home” region is not having continued growth, there’s a problem. The compensation plan should allow everyone in your growing team to earn an income from the start. It’s no good if you’re making money and no one else is… they will quite if they are not earning. The company should encourage everyone working together, not stand alone teams. If the compensation plan is great this is what will happen. I currently work with hundreds of different people, exchanging ideas and planning for the New Year, regardless of not being financially linked. Our product is in demand, we live a life of abundance not scarcity, there is enough for everyone to succeed. Choose your Company.

Network Marketing Success: Achieving Duplication

One of the more difficult and persistent challenges to network marketing success is duplication. In order to drive duplication into an organization, the leader must lead, not manage. That leads me to today’s topic which is how to achieve network marketing success by leaving your ego at the door.

I ask you to think a little about your ego and whether or not it sometimes gets in the way of your success. So, here’s my question. Is your ego at the door, or does it go into the room with you when you go to a meeting or presentation?

So you are attending a presentation, maybe a home meeting or in a hotel room. You know the presenter and you have a tendency to jump up in the middle of the presentation and add information. Now it may be that the information you are adding is relevant, but is it necessary? Are you simply letting you ego dictate your actions. Was it necessary to say? If it was not necessary to say, it was necessary to not say it at all.

If a prospect asks a direct question, do you feel compelled to give the answer? Do you want to be the person who appears to have the knowledge? Does it make you feel important to supply information? You want to be able to say, “Yes, this is the way it is.”

We all have a tendency to do it and we all want to appear knowledgeable and important but… and it is a big but. When we interrupt the speaker, we diminish his or her authority and that is not good for business. When we jump into a conversation and answer questions, we are not teaching our team to duplicate without us.

If you do any of these actions, you are quite possibly doing more harm than good to your business. Here’s the reason. If you attempt to answer every question, that is your ego getting in the way. You are training the people to call you for the answers rather than call customer support or look up the information in some other way and if you do that, it is not duplicable. You can’t build a big team that way. It’s often been said in network marketing that, if your lips are moving, your fingers should be pointing to some company supplied material or literature. Your lips aren’t moving because you’re answering the question, your lips are moving because you’re pointing to where the person can get the answer to their question without you helping them. As you grow your business, that’s going to become increasingly important. You have to supply leadership, not answers. Driving duplication into a team requires leadership and without it, network marketing success cannot be achieved.

New Network Marketing

Picking a New Network Marketing Opportunity

Whether you are new, or an old battered up warhorse from the days of hanging out in bookstores with a business card hoping to run into someone who hates their job as badly as you, success can only occur if you pick a good network marketing opportunity, a good lead generation system, and an organized affiliate strategy.

If you are the latter you also know that networking companies often come into being, streak across the sky like a supersized bottle rocket with its tail on fire only to sputter and fail like Icarus falling from the sky having tried to fly too high, too far, too fast.

The Internet Is An Interesting Animal.

It changed the world and made the voice of the people, much louder. Some are not so thrilled with the volume the voice of the people has managed to reach. Jay Rockefeller, is reported as having said the Internet should have never existed. Sorry, but I have reviewed several of the videos wherein he is supposed to have said it. I am unable to confirm he said it and I refuse to take others’ words for it.

One thing is for sure, with the Internet you can research things in detail. Due diligence is never a five minute thing, but it is world’s easier with the ability to do it from your home office keyboard. Please, listen to me when I say, “Take your time and be sure you determine which company is in your best interests to join.”

The network marketing model has been around for years, and it does work, if the business is run correctly.

The network marketing space is rapidly changing. It is full of so many bright shiny new things, all promising to be the solution to all the difficulties you encountered in trying to build the last business with which you are involved.

My Personal Bad Experience: Read and Learn

Unbelievably, I am told there are roughly fifty new network marketing programs that appear every couple of weeks. I, for instance, started a group on Facebook with the specific purpose of allowing folks in my group and crossline folks as well to post comments and likes to each others’ blogs in order to establish organic social media proof. It was a good plan since I want everyone, including those crossline from me, to succeed.

The group had not been active for a month before member after member began promoting ‘easier’ programs, programs that would ‘auto-generate’ leads and commissions by the wheelbarrow. It was very confusing for the new people. It was with no pleasure that I had to remove folks from my group.

Learn from my lessons and keep your head clear. You do not see executives jumping ship and moving from company to company just because of hard work, do you?


This is not a game; it is a business. It must be run like a business.

Dazzling Displays of Dollars… Falling Into Your Hands

Remember, the splash of a big advertising budget will make waves far and wide and a fireworks show is dazzling but seldom productive. I often liken a launch to the equivalent of back in the days when vaporware was presented at big parties as fact, rather than hope.

Windows NT’s first version was hardly useful.

Do not be so keen to join something new just because you think you will be ‘at the top.’ Such a decision means you are succumbing to one of the great lies about network marketing, i.e., that it is only the ones at the top, who get in first, who stand to enjoy great success.

If the business you are joining does not present as great an opportunity for someone 17 levels down from you then I submit it is not a good business for you, either.

In all this, I do begin to digress. I have been quite clear in trying to warn you.

Network Marketing Success Requires Planning and Work

It requires it in just that order, too.

The thing is, any failures you have had in the past are really almost certainly not your fault.

You have not been taught what you need to succeed.

Not going to beat this to death because it has been a central theme in many of my other posts but the business plan of your chosen network marketing company cannot be the one by which you run your business.

Network Marketing Requires Leads

How are you going to generate as enough amount quality leads? One thing you certainly can do to promise success, is to have a look at tried and trusted networking lead production systems, which will decrease your promotion costs and aid in getting you off to a flying start.

Generating leads does not happen by accident. You need a system that:

  1. Has no interest in promoting a particular company
  2. Has a proven track record demonstrated by building leaders in companies other than itself.
  3. Has a trial period that offers a no questions asked refund policy
  4. Your gut tells you that the person who introduced you to the system is interested in your success for reasons other than just money.

Network Marketing Success: Tell The Truth

Do you want to be a success in your network marketing business? It is essential for you to be a person of high integrity and to tell the truth always.

I’ve been reading a book by Jack Canfield. It is “The Success Principles, How to go from where you are to where you want to be.” It is a pretty big book, almost 500 pages. I want to quote from one of the chapters. The chapter’s title is “Tell the Truth Faster”, and the question I have is, “Do you tell the truth”

“When in doubt, tell the truth. The truth will set you free. The truth also frees up our energy. Most of us are worried about hurting other people’s feelings, so we don’t share our true feelings, and we hurt our self instead.”

When you’re talking to somebody about your business, do you tell the truth? What if a prospect asks you, “How much do you make?” Do you hedge the answer a little bit and just make it sound a little bit better than it is? Don’t do that! Tell the truth.

If you’re not making any money, tell them, “I’m not making any money. I just started, but I’ll show you where I’m going. I’ll show you some people who are making a ton of money, and they started right where I am. And I’m doing what they did, so I’m going to get what they got. Would you like to come with me? Yes or no. I’m building a team.”

You exude that confidence. You tell the truth. If you know where you are going, the right people will follow you. It’s that simple. So again, the question I have is, do you tell the truth when prospects ask you questions? When they say, “How big is your team?”, and your team is zero. Do you tell them, “My team is zero, but this is where I’m going. This is how I’m going to get there. I’d love to take you with me. Let me show you how. It’s your choice.”

So often in life and business we are afraid the truth will not serve us so we want to exaggerate. We want to hedge our bets with “little white lies”. We see no harm in that, but there is harm. We are training our brain to not trust us. Our brain knows the truth and it hears the little white lie. We are training the people around is to not trust us. Sooner or later, the truth will catch up. SO the best advice is, when in doubt, tell the truth always/

It’s your choice to tell the truth. And if you do (tell the truth) then you won’t have to worry about, after you’ve talked to 10 different people, what you told each one of them and try to remember what you said. They are going to remember and sooner or later, your reputation will be compromised or worse, destroyed.

How To Build An Effective MLM Network Marketing Team

Tip #1 – Be an Effective Leader

Any strong team needs a highly effective leader. When your team members have questions, you need to either answer them on the fly, or get back to them in a timely manner. Try to attend all of the seminars and training sessions that you can so that you will have a broad range of knowledge to share with your team members.

Encourage your team members to attend as many events as possible as well, so that they can expand on their knowledge. Setting up a website or a blog is a great way to keep your team informed about conferences and to update them on new products or selling techniques. A FAQ page can help answer a lot of new member’s questions.

Tip #2 – Keep Your Team Motivated

Don’t just sign up new members and forget about them. Stay in contact with them and continue to motivate them along the way. You never know when someone needs a little bit of encouragement to keep going. Offering performance based incentives is a great way to keep your team members focused toward their goals.

If they’re struggling, take the time to teach them how to improve their sales records. A little bit of one-one-training can go a long way toward improving their success. Give them the tools they need to earn a check fast so they don’t get discouraged.

Tip # 3 – Build Relationships Within Your Team

Encourage your team members to build relationships with each other. If some of them live close to each other, offer a regional get together. If you’re spread out all over the country or internationally, try having twitter parties. Weekly teleconferences or webinars are a great way to encourage conversation as well.

Tip # 4 – Choose the Right Members and Keep Building

Don’t make your team exclusive, but be a little bit selective about the team members you choose. If someone is reluctant to join, don’t force the issue. You don’t want to spend time training and motivating a team member who has no interest in the business or building their own downline.

Try to select enthusiastic team members who will strive to do their best to recruit new members and generate their own income, thus increasing yours. Occasionally, a few lazy members will make their way onto your team, but they will also disappear before long.

Tip # 5 – Don’t Be Shy

If you’re not enthusiastic and excited when it comes to talking about your business, nobody else is going to be either. Don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to people about your business every time you have a chance. Send those follow-up emails, and remind them of all the reasons why they should want to join your team.

Having a successful network marketing business is as easy as building a dynamic team with highly driven individuals. What are you waiting for? Start using these tips to start building your own team today!

How Referrals Can Explode Your Network Marketing Business

As an entrepreneur sometimes we can feel like it is us against the world. Sure, we have our team, but we are solely responsible for our success. If you are tired of feeling like you are on your own, you can build your army of advocates that send you referrals. It’s amazing just how referrals can explode your network marketing business.

In a standard network marketing business, there are two main ways to generate income. One of those ways is through retail sales, and the other way is through team bonuses. When you build relationships with other people that can send you referrals you expand your reach far beyond yourself.

One of the things people tend to do whenever others give them referrals is to say, “Hey! If you would just join my business, you’d be getting the money that I’m getting off this sale. Wouldn’t that be awesome?” There is nothing wrong with letting them know this, but if they don’t show interest, it is best to leave it right there. If you keep pressing it, people are going to run away and won’t send you any more referrals.

Let’s just say that you built great relationships with ten people that sent you one referral a month. That would be ten new customers a month or one hundred and twenty new customers a year that you didn’t have to go out and beat the bushes for! Getting referred is powerful. Let’s just say that you were only able to get ten percent of the above example. That is still twelve new customers that year that you did not have to go out and find.

If you want to explode your business through referrals, set up a reward system for people that refer you. Even if it is going to be ten dollars, a gift card, etc. Offering a referral bonus is going to allow you to provide value to the people that are sending you referrals, and they are going to be more likely to remember to refer you. Don’t forget that everyone is tuning in to WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) radio. There is nothing wrong with rewarding people for sending you business.